Lana Grant Autism Consultancy
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About Lana Grant

Lana Grant Autism podcast

Specialist advisor and advocate for people with autism and their families. I have worked within the field of autism for nearly twenty years. I have a diagnosis of Asperger syndrome which I received in my late 30's.

I am also a parent of children on the autism spectrum. I am experienced in supporting and educating young people with autism from 3 years into adulthood.

I specialise in autism and females and my debut book "From Here To Maternity, pregnancy and motherhood on the Autism Spectrum" was published in March 2015 by Jessica Kingsley publishers.

I am based in South Staffordshire and I am the mother of six children.

I am also available for talks, training and keynote speeches particularly around autism, females, pregnancy and motherhood.

I am also a trained birth partner (doula) specialising in supporting pregnant women on the autism spectrum and their partners.
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